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How soon should work be done?

I have submitted an order and curious how quickly it should be carried out? Is there a way I can find out any progress? If there is anyone in my location?

asked on May 02 , 2022 7:43 AM by jwan6725241       Reply

moonfruit on May 03 , 2022 1:09 AM says

according to the FAQ, it should take 1-2 weeksrnthough if you got someone more expensive, it might take longerrnrnlet me know how it goes, i'm currently in the process of gathering coin and info for an order

moonfruit on May 03 , 2022 1:11 AM says

the rns were line breaks. new bug it seems

thepunisher2022 on May 03 , 2022 8:44 AM says

I sent an order some time ago. Admin is taking good care of it by looking for a pro within my budget. I need to wait some more time since urgent jobs are completed in a week or less, and mine is a very standard one.

MadMind66 on May 03 , 2022 11:39 AM says

We do the orders in 2-5 days after BTC is in Escrow.

eskimo on May 09 , 2022 11:00 PM says

How did your order go?

thepunisher2022 on May 11 , 2022 5:27 AM says

As my funds are already secured but the BTC value decreased meanwhile,I must wait for the BTC value to increase again.