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Welcome to the #1 hitmen marketplace

Experts on the dark web consider us to be the most reputable, safe and powerful hitmen marketplace. We have thousands of satisfied customers and hundreds of hitmen. If you are looking to have someone murdered, beaten, kidnapped don't do it yourself ! Let us see if we can do it for you at a low price .

Our features:

1. Anonymous, safe and complex marketplace.
2. 0% advance, payment through escrow. We accept external escrows.
3. Best value for your money, hundreds of hitmen to choose from.
4. Positive feedback everywhere, no failure complaints
5. Encrypted communication between customers and hitmen.
6. Submit new orders and view progress on site.
7. PGP Support for additional security.
8. Built-in mixer to increase your bitcoin security
9. 100% job completion rate. If we can't do a job, we don't take it.
10. Forum where members can talk with each other.

Thousands of gang members and hitmen are using our marketplace. Years ago, they had only worked for local gangs or drug cartels, but now they are taking orders online using the deep web. Our website keeps them safe but most importantly anonymous thanks to Tor Browser and the deep/dark web.

Please read Beware of copy cats! Proof we are real and how to tell apart sites and Our reputation to see why we are the top trusted murder services.

hire a hitman

Customers have full anonymity: no name, no phone number, no email address, no bank account details, and no credit card. Our website is a .onion meaning it can only be accessed using the Tor browser which adds security layers to the users and masks their IP addresses

hire a killer

Hitmen on the streets require a 50% cash advance payment before the hit is carried out, if they run away with the cash the customer can't go to the police. With us you do not pay advances. You provide proof of funds, we do the job and you pay after the job is done.

No risky and dangerous meetings between customers and hitmen. You can't be arrested by undercover cops, you can't be blackmailed as your identity is hidden.

Why would you hire a killer on the internet? That's simple, it is affordable, secure, anonymous, and gets you out of the suspect's list of law enforcement. After you provide us with details about the target and show us proof you have funds available, we will assign a hitman on the job. He will give a date estimation of the assassination and you can travel to a different city and visit some shopping mall that has surveillance cameras to have a strong alibi.

hitmen services

Once the job is done, the hitman sends you a confirmation, and you can take up to a week or two to personally confirm that the job has been done before you release funds to the hitman.

One can google for shot dead street to see much news about people being shot dead on the street by unknown people, who drive near shoot and drive away.

Hitmen are not a thing of the movies. Lots of criminals and gang members kill for money. Those gang members who are desperate and in debt even kill for lower prices. They steal a car, drive to the target location, wait for him to come out and then shoot him dead or run him over with the car before driving away and abandoning the car.

hitmen services

Some ex-military experienced hitmen kill for higher prices, but they can take down important targets.

To order one send us the picture of the target and location by filling an easy form.

Proof of funds can be provided by placing it into a secure escrow, of your choice. The funds stay there until you are satisfied with the job.

We assign a hitman on your job and when he completes the job you get a notification. Take a week or two to check whether the job has been done and then release funds from escrow.

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We are so confident you will be happy with our services that we don't ask for any penny until you are fully satisfied.

If you find anywhere else cheaper services of the same value, we give you back twice the difference.